The Home Run 5k training schedule listed below is for runners who are looking to complete their first 5k. Intermediate and advanced runners are encouraged to search the internet for a more advanced training schedule. 

This training schedule is designed to allow you to comfortably finish a 5K. It assumes that you have no major health problems, are in reasonably good shape, and have done at least some walking or jogging. Feel free to make adjustments in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts, individual goals, and rate of improvement.

Printable 6-Week Home Run 5k Training Schedule For Beginners

On days that are designated “Rest,” feel free to cross train. Cross training includes strength training, biking, swimming, hiking, walking your dog, etc. Be creative with the activities you choose. Just be sure to give your body the rest that it needs.

Remember that every run (unless otherwise specified) in this 6-week schedule should be a steady run, done at an effort that has you breathing “comfortably hard”. Enjoy each run, feel yourself getting stronger and leaner, and be proud of what you’re doing.